Instead of just improving your body’s appearance with personal training, is postural realignment, pain-free movement, correct physical functioning and injury prevention your intention too? (*)

Do the stomach or ‘core strength’ exercises you do prompt neck or back discomfort? If so, read the following explanatory article: DOWNLOAD  (*)

Despite exercise, personal training, massage, osteopathic, chiropractic or physiotherapy treatment, does back pain or discomfort in your body keep recurring?

Looking for a specialist service to identify this overlooked cause of discomfort, rectifying and preventing it using selective exercise, massage and progressive strength conditioning techniques? (*)

Are you a runner, golfer, tennis player or skier whose progress, game or participation is hindered by repeated pain or injury?

At Bodyrefine, our exercise and specialist personal training methods aren’t based merely on fads or trends. Nor do we employ a standard personal training, generic boot camp or class approach to client exercise prescription which often exceeds ability and prompts pain, postural misalignment and injury. Our bespoke approach to exercise is always purposeful, posturally corrective and highly effective. (*)

Our team of skilled therapists and specialist trainers offer a range of effective services including Personal Training, Strength & Conditioning, Sport/Deep Tissue/Remedial Massage, Lower Back Pain Management & Prevention, Injury Treatment & Rehabilitation, Corrective Exercise Therapy, Postural Analysis & Realignment.

Offering a fully equipped, private training studio and adjoining treatment room at Breathing Space Spa in Harpenden (2 Thompsons Close, Harpenden, AL5 4ES)

To book an appointment with us or contact us with any questions you have, feel welcome to call us now on 07748 778515 or email

(*) Effectiveness of treatment therapy and/or necessitated exercise prescription by Bodyrefine is subject to individual patient assessment and the patient/client’s adherence to guidance given.